Company K&S d.o.o. from Varaždin specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-efficiency solar street lighting, network and hybrid power solutions has come to the Croatian market. In its product range, company represents a technologically unique product, by that company has created foundation of a new path in the professional outdoor lighting. Solar light sets new standards, unrivaled in aesthetics, economic efficiency and eco-friendly.
K&S solar lights are designed for illumination of large open spaces (squares, promenades, parks, roads, highways) and lights are implemented with high-efficiency LED bulbs, unique solar photovoltaic technology and intelligent power control technologies, which give a distinctive design, exceptional reliability, high energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance costs.
With all models of solar lights one element particularly stands out, it is the unique photovoltaic technology, which is exposed to the multicast source of solar energy (by 360°) in implementation of monocrystalline silicon cells (over 20%), which is resistant to strong wind gusts, snow, sand and other dirt. Products from company K&S d.o.o. have proven itself on the markets of Qatar, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Greece, Spain, UAE, Austria and Croatia as excellent by using the most advanced manufacturing technology, which is subject to strict EU standards. Company K&S d.o.o. from Varaždin is wishing that their work will contribute to the introduction of renewable energy sources in order to increase efficiency, energy savings and increase of environmental protection in the community in which we live and wider.
















  • hei_power_tube hei power tube

    Highly efficient photovoltaic module. A patented, worldwide unique and outstanding photovoltaic-module technology assures continuous power supply. Highly efficient photovoltaic cells, optimized for poor light conditions, deliver excellent energy yields.

    hei_power_control hei power control

    Reliable and flexible in operation. A programmable microcontroller operates the light flexible and demand-orientated. The intelligent electronic system monitors the charging condition of the energy storage device, optimizes
    the energy efficiency and ensures a trouble-free operation of solar lights even during longer periods of bad weather conditions.

    antares_power_led hei power led

    Highly luminous and efficient. Easy to maintain, replaceable high-
    efficiency LEDs with optic lenses, a re-markable power output and an optimized light distribution provide an extraordinary high illuminance and reduce unwanted light pollution.


  • solar_opis_no1
    Environment-friendly. Highly-
    efficient photovoltaic-technology.
    Economical. No electricity costs. Minimal installation costs.
    Reliable in operation.
    Customer-specific light control.
    Highly efficient.
    Modern LED-technology.
    Aesthetical. Forward-looking design.









    Zero CO2 – emissions.
    Poor UV-LED-light. Attracts less insects.
    Independent and self-sufficient. No connection to electricity network necessary.
    Minimal operating and maintenance works. Long-living illuminant.
    No cabling.








  • solar_naslovna_ulice STREETS

    Illumination of streets with types mira, series 60. Lengthwise aligned light distribution for optimal illumination.

    solar_naslovna_trgovi SQUARES

    Illumination of squares with type champ NG, series 30 with circular light distribution.

    solar_naslovna_staze PATHS

    Illumination of bicycle paths and pavements with mira S, series 50 offering aligned light distribution.




  • In the city of Dubrovnik, LED solar light was put into operation at 19th of October 2014, the first of its kind in this
    part of Europe, which is made in Croatia, more precisely in Varaždin – by the company K&S d.o.o.

    It brings a revolution in terms of public lighting in the world.

    So after the United States, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong,
    the Switzerland, Canada, Qatar and UAE, Croatia has finally lined up with the most advanced countries in the field of public lighting!


    Solarna-rasvjeta-u-parku-Batala-(7) Solarna-rasvjeta-u-parku-Batala-(5) Solarna-rasvjeta-u-parku-Batala-(3) Maja-Brzic-(Grad-Dubrovnik)-i-predstavnici-proizvođača-K&S-d.o.o














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