info_antaresDiscover the powerful range
of four different heights and light heads
all available as solar, hybrid and grid version.


The hei antares solar light family is designed as an independent and self-sufficient solar light for professional exterior lighting systems. It is equipped with a highly modern LED- and photo-voltaic-technology. The HEI solar light™ antares family provides a lengthwise aligned light distribution, which is perfect to suit the requirements of street light applications. Due to the unique energy management system of HEI solar light™, antares ensures operating reliability under all weather conditions and is also suitable for locations with moderate insolation. The antares family is available in 10 different variations from 12 up to 160 Watt LED power – all as a solar, hybrid or a grid version. This variety offers you a wide range for using the antares to solve your special lighting problem. The members of the antares family include worldwide recommanded state-of-the-art technology: the HEI power LEDs, the HEI power control and the (solar) HEI power tube.



  • The whole antares family is usually delivered with the following standards:Lengthwide aligned light distribution

    • Light temperature cool-white 5,300 Kelvin (opt. neutral-white, 4,100 Kelvin, or warm-white, 3,100 Kelvin)
    • Typical service life of the LEDs more than 50,000 hours
    • Programable microcontroller included (solar version)
    • Customer-specific dynamic light profiles (solar version)
    • Light head material paint-coated aluminium (in RAL colours)
    • Pole material hot-dipped galvanized steel (opt. in RAL colours)

    These options are both available for solar and grid versions:

    • Remote control
    • Motion detector
    • Light cloud

    All members of the antares solar family include the HEI power tube with high-effiency silicon solar cells. The lead-acid battery – installed in a ground box – has a lifetime duration of typically three years depending on site conditions. (opt. LiFePO4 battery availably) The antares grid versions work with an input voltage of 120 to 240 V AC at a frequency of 50/60 Hz and have a standby power consumption less than 0.5 Watt.



    antares 4000 (20 Watt, 3,700 lm) at full power;
    light spot height: 5.80 m




    antares 4000 (20 Watt, 3,700 lm), light spot height: 5.80 m
    Distance between lights: 23 m
    Average illuminance: 13 lx; 0verall uniformity: 0.54


    distance [m] Eav[lx] Emin [lx] U0
    15 20 11 0.56
    20 15 8.1 0.55
    23 13 6.9 0.54
    25 12 5.8 0.50
    30 9.8 3.7 0.38
    40 7.4 0.5 0.07


    Eav [lx]: average illuminance;
    Emin [lx]: minimum illuminance;
    U0: overall uniformity;
    maintenance factor: 0.85


  • antares-dimenzije

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